4 Corners: It’s about last night

It’s a very slippery slope to call out supplement companies as being overly large, and for self funding research, when the total pharmaceutical revenues worldwide reached over one trillion U.S. dollars in 2014, and the industry provides funds to nearly all levels of the Australian health industry, from research and training at our universities, to influencing government health policy at the highest levels. I truly wish I shared Ken Harvey’s optimism that they are the great white hope, and always have our best interest at heart.

Terms of reference are always going to be a challenge when the pharmaceutical double blind placebo ‘take this drug for the rest of your life’ criteria are used to judge non pharmaceutical therapies. Trials where people got better taking a compound, but didn’t revert to their pre-trial state when taking placebo, are automatically excluded from meta-analysis. And also discludes research that investigates nutritional status on population health outcomes. There is a large amount of baby disappearing with the bathwater.

Just to confirm, we at Vitality Junction stand behind everything that we recommend to you. If we aren’t absolutely sure that what we sell to you isn’t going to improve your quality of life – we don’t want you to have it. To have our doors open to allow people to get real information about non-pharmaceutical approaches to healthcare, is what we are about, and have been for 16 years. We continue to offer guidance to those who choose to take responsibility for their health knowing that good health comes from addressing all aspects of their lifestyle, not necessarily just from taking the white pills offered to us by the great white hope.

I do agree with you on one thing. In my 20 years in the industry – I never really liked ‘Swisse’ either.

Thanks for your time. Ian Bell