Like the concept of composting, but can’t Stand the Stink?

– Check out Bokashi No mess, no mank, no mould –  just a fast clean compost machine. Just buy the compost starter, or buy one of their neato hermetically sealed benchtop bins. Here’s what they say on their website Put simply, food waste is layered with Bokashi One™ Mix in a Bokashi One™ Bucket. Due to the … Read more

Why am I So edgy? – Maybe it’s “Kryptopyrroluria”?

Ever feel like you have the Inability to control your stress levels, having mood swings, outbursts, anxiety, possibly even learning issues, poor memory – even allergic reactivity could be related to elevated ‘Kyrptopyroles’. Dr Nicole Avard, a biomedical GP from the Central Coast has said a 3rd of her patients have the condition. Addressing it … Read more

New Practitioners

Yes we do have five consultation rooms, with passionate, intuitive, intelligent and experienced practitioners in all of them. The centre is certainly blessed to have their energy, and we are incredibly proud to be part of a such an incredible team.  Things being so busy, we have new practitioners to make it easier for you … Read more