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Our Chemical Lives

Last Wednesday night we watched ‘Our Chemical Lives’ on Catalyst (ABC) and it made the Vitality Junction crew really think about our own plastic footprint and the chemicals which are hidden in everyday things – like shop receipts…. Who knew!

It’s scary to think that the BPA-Free bottles that we purchase and think are ‘better for us’, actually aren’t good for us at all. Plastic is plastic is plastic and the chemicals are ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

If you missed the episode, we have it here for you, but if you don’t have 30 minutes (30 minutes that will change the way you think), then below is a summary.

Catalyst ABC Tuesday Nights 8pm

‘Our Chemical Lives’

There are over 80 000 chemicals in our water, air and food etc and they are impossible to escape. Due to these numbers we are experiencing intellectual issues, such as lower IQ, cancer and reproductive problems. Chemical pollution begins in the womb, impacting on the normal pattern of development.

Lead and Mercury are well known and have been for years, but there are others, which are just being discovered or not yet discovered which are causing the problems.

  • Plastic bottles/containers and the lining of cans are big culprits.
  • Cosmetics have vast numbers of Phthalates.
  • Food has pesticides.
  • Carpets, furniture, electronics etc are all infused with health deteriorating fire retardants.

They interfere with our bodies by making it believe they are hormones. BPA is one of the main offenders, as BPA mimics eostrogen.

In the womb, the placenta detoxifies to the fetus and enzymes don’t catch these ‘hormones’ so remain unseen. These are known as Endocrine Disruptors and they can result in poor semen quality and even low levels can cause problems with brain development.

Some chemicals are stored for decades and some are metabolized after only short timeframes.Bisphenol A (BPA) free products stickers set

But it’s hard to avoid plastic!

Correct – it is, especially when they are hidden.
Did you know that even the paper cashier’s receipts we receive at supermarkets etc have increased levels of BPA chemicals?

France has recently banned BPA in packaging so levels need to be reduced from the current 50 micrograms to 4 micrograms, so should Australia follow suit?

These chemicals affect mammaries, prostate and thyroid – no levels are safe.

Unfortunately, most chemicals are ‘Innocent until Proven guilty’ so regulating them doesn’t bulletproof the process. The offenders, which are considered Unsafe, are replaced with unknown chemicals.

Fear mongering never helps anybody, but denying the existence of concerns, is equally harmful.

So what can we do?
Avoid heating plastic in microwaves.
Don’t heat kids bottles in the microwave – use a dedicated bottle warmer or boil the kettle – it only takes a minute or so more.
Don’t give children plastic bath books to chew on – you are exposing them to chemical-laden plastics.
Wash Fruit & Veggies to remove residual pesticides such as DDT & PCB’s.
By fresh not packaged food – that way there is no exposure to the leeching contaminants and the oceans & landfills don’t suffer as a result as well.toxic vintage orange seal isolated on white
Keep house clean by using less chemicals.
Eat organic if you can afford it. Buy fresh, avoiding cans.
Avoid cosmetics: there is lead in lipsticks as well as phthalates.
Avoid commercial creams – use chemical free products such as Skin Doona made here in Newcastle.

Reproductive toxicants are something that is going to impact on us all, so we can’t turn our backs on this knowledge. We are better to ACT NOW rather than wait for 50 years to get the evidence.


images (11)Scary stuff – If you are interested in reducing your plastic footprint or chemicals around your home, come into the shop and see the various products we have, such as:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Fresh Food
  • Organic Snacks
  • Chemical Free Handmade Natural Skincare (Skin Doona)
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Fruit & Vegetable Wash
  • Kids Chewables

We’ve all made a conscious effort to change at least one item in our Vital Lives. Feel free to Like and Share to make others aware of their plastic and chemical usage around their homes.

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