How Cyndi O’Meara Helped Us Improve Many Children’s Lives

We wanted to follow up with a quick update about the Cyndi O’Meara ‘What’s With Wheat’ screening we held in Newcastle on Friday 28th October 2016. We managed to get 75 bums on seats to watch Cyndi and 13 inspiring professionals discuss Wheat and how it has changed since her grandmother was a child in … Read more

Scout Cosmetics Demonstration with Sylvie Hutchings

Join us at Vitality Junction on Wednesday 25th November from 10:30am – 12:30pm for an exclusive make up demonstration with Sylvie Hutchings from SCOUT COSMETICS. Secure 1 of 20 seats at the demonstration by registering below. Each participant receives a $40 voucher* to use downstairs in the Vitality Junction shop on Wednesday 25th November, 2015. … Read more