Inspiring Health #3: Immunity – Sold Out

The Vitality Crew are all super-excited about our 3rd Inspiring Health Series: Immunity – A Holistic Approach event on this Saturday. The event has sold out and tickets are no longer available, but if you were hoping to come along, and missed out – call Lisa in the clinic to go on the waiting list on … Read more

What’s On in July at Vitality Junction

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Adrenal Support Yoga

Back in our cave-dwelling days, the frequency of outrunning a lion was low, allowing the body and nervous system plenty of time to recover from the drama. Other hormones, such as those responsible for growth and repair, could resume their slow and steady work and the ‘emergency’ chemicals could replenish comfortably. Today, the likelihood of … Read more

Sweet Dreams Yoga

How did you sleep last night?? Join Bronni Page for ‘Sweet Dreams Yoga’ – a 4 week workshop for Better Sleep at Vitality Junction Tuesday evenings in May, 8.15pm – 9.30pm. We’ll experience yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations to help set you up for quality Zzz’s.. $97 including pampering gifts and worksheets. Book your … Read more

Free Girls Yoga

Free Girls Yoga set to inspire Newcastle teenagers! Newcastle’s teen girls can now experience inspiring and empowering yoga with free classes designed just for them, through non-profit organisation ‘Free Girls Yoga’. Local Yoga Instructor and Free Girls Yoga ambassador Bronni Page offers a monthly class at Vitality Junction, on the last Sunday of every month. The first … Read more