L’il Yogis by Treena Francis

What is L’il Yogis (Kids Yoga) with Treena Francis.

Treena Francis brings L’il Yogis Kids Yoga to Vitality Junction. Treena is an experienced educator, yoga teacher and mother. She has had over 20 years’ experience in teaching across various settings and has worked with students of all ages. She has been a student of yoga for 20 years and has maintained a regular yoga practice for 15 years. Treena is passionate about children’s learning and well-being and is an enthusiastic advocate of yoga as a way for kids to be their natural selves: calm, creative and confident.

We have alot of great projects happening at the moment and some beautiful events planned for the future.

Currently, you can catch Treena supporting 2 great projects:

1. L’il Yogis (Kids Yoga) is on Wednesdays during School Term @ Vitality Junction 179 Union Street, The Junction.
5 – 12 years (Primary)               4pm – 4.45 pm
Teen Girls Yoga                         5pm – 5.45 pm (Girls Only) CLICK HERE FOR MORE TEEN GIRLS YOGA INFORMATION

2017 Term 1: Wed 8th Feb – Wed 5th April

9 weeks $108 (or Casual Class $15)

2017 Term 2: Wed 26th April – Wed June 28th

10 weeks $120 (or Casual Class $15)

5 – 12 years 4pm – 4.45pm

Looking for Teen Girls Yoga 5pm – 5.45pm


To book, please call Treena on 0405505461 or email treena11@live.com.au to book. Bookings are essential as class sizes are limited.

Payment options: Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit

Payment details:

BSB 112 879

Acct: 115 252 442

Walk ins $15 per class per student.

Who will benefit from L’il Yogis?

Especially beneficial for 5 – 12 year olds who:

  • are active and love to move
  • are keen to discover what their bodies can do
  • are sensitive to stress and anxiety
  • are creative and expressive
  • wriggle a lot! Children who are learning to regulate their energy between movement and stillness
  • have learning and/or behavioural challenges (including ASD and ADHD)

What changes will I see in my child?

You are likely to notice increased:

  • body awareness
  • understanding of their body’s range of capabilities
  • independence and confidence
  • sense of calm
  • respect for personal space
  • ability to respond rather than react

2. Yoga Story Time at Thornton Library.

Yoga Story Time is part of Maitland Library’s Early Literacy Framework. We have regular young families and preschool groups who come and visit us, and we’d love to see you there too.
This term Treena is visiting Thornton branch once per month on the first Friday morning of the month with a different story theme each visit.

Lil Yogis Kids Yoga with Treena Francis

Lil Yogis Kids Yoga with Treena Francis  Lil Yogis Kids Yoga with Treena Francis
Lil Yogis Kids Yoga with Treena Francis  Lil Yogis Kids Yoga with Treena Francis