She Births Courses for Couples

Join Nadine O’Mara for a She Births® Couples Workshop in November.

She Births® Courses for Couples are designed to give the power of childbirth back to the woman and her partner in the most natural way possible. Our course prepares you with knowledge and resources from the moment you register, right through to your baby’s arrival and the months thereafter.SheBirthLogo

Based on Three Pillars; Knowledge, Inner Strength and Outer Support you will be able to create a better birth experience for your family. The unique three pillars of She Births empower you with active birthing, hypnosis, yoga, acupressure, massage, visualisation, nutrition, pain management and more, so that as a team you can engage with labour in the most gentle, natural and joyous way.

She Births is the only child birthing course to have undergone medical trials and had the results of which published in the British Medical Journal. The study showed a significant reduction in C-sections, epidurals, augmentation and resuscitation meaning a safer, less painful and, for many, a shorter birth.

It is through combining techniques alongside adopting an open mind that birth unfolds more easily. In every couple’s perinatal journey however there will be a moment of challenge, for which She Births ensures you are prepared and ready to make holistic and evidence based decisions with your caregivers.

The name She Births often brings up questions for people. Apart from the obvious fact that only she can give birth it is also She as a feminine strength that is awoken during this awesome rite of passage into motherhood.

Just like the balance of Yin and Yang there is the also a He within the She, a journey that is taken together. Families awaken to aspects of strength and surrender, support and presence and have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Self and their relationship too, building a strong foundation for their family going forward.

It is She that can take responsibility for her health, her birth and her child with the right preparation and you as a family that enjoy the empowerment together.

See or email for more details and bookings, or call 0402 752 465 to speak with Nadine.

Where: Vitality Junction: 179 Union Street, The Junction.

Investment: $550 (Normally $600).

When: Saturday & Sunday 5th & 6th November, 2016.

Times: Sat 10am – 5pm and Sun 9am – 4pm.

Attendance: There will be about 6 couples in the room – so be quick as 2 spots have already been secured.

To Book: Email or Call Nadine (see above) or Click HERE