Gluten Free

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a form of protein (prolamins and glutelins) found in some grains including; Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye. People with coeliac disease often can not eat glutenous foods as these protein molecules trigger an autoimmune response and in most cases, cause damage to the small intestine and trigger a wide range of other related issues.

What foods contain Gluten?

Common foods including Wheat bread, Wheat pasta and many Wheat based cereals and Porridge can be problematic for coeliac or gluten intolerant people.

Who have Gluten intolerances?

Gluten intolerance is classified as a food intolerance known as Coeliac disease. The disease is either inherited or some people are born with the disease. The disease suggests the inability to absorb the Gluten protein molecule. This will lead to allergic responses in coeliac or gluten sensative patients.

What are some allergic responses?


Anaemia (Poor Iron absorption leading to low B12 stores)

Weight loss (unnecessary patterns)


Abdominal Pain



What causes allergic symptoms?

The allergic responses in coeliac patients are caused by the inability to absorb the gluten in the small intestine. The small fragments in the lining  of the small intestine that aid absorption are called villi. The Gluten molecules react with the villi lining which causes immediate and long-term damage. This damage furthers the inability of the intestine to digest other foods.

What are the benefits of Gluten Free Living?

By altering the diet of a coeliac patient in reducing or eliminating gluten, the allergic symptoms for these patients often subside. This elimination allows the small intestine to heal and return to its normal digestive function. A clear clean healthy digestive tract permits coeliac patients to fulfil their normal day to day activity without the disturbance of the undesirable symptoms.

Gluten free diets do not have to be bland and plain. Many delicious fresh foods can be consumed by coeliac and gluten intolerant patients including;

Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and poultry that have no been marinated, crumbed or processed, rice, corn, potatoes, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, fruit juices, unflavoured milk, coffee and teas. Also many fresh herbs and spices are gluten free so these provide the extra flavour to jazz up a bland tasting meal.

Where support is available?

Naturopathic and nutritional advice is always available at Vitality Junction. We thrive to execute the most accurate advice to individuals and their needs. We offer an extensive range of gluten free foods and alternatives to prepare any individual who may chose to live gluten free!

Gluten free products we have in store..

Breakfast cereals:
Muesli (LOADS!)
Puffed brown rice
Rice bran flakes
Rice porridge
Baby cereal, pure rice creme
Polenta porridge
Rice porridge
Cornflakes (VERY low gluten)

Pasta & Rice:
Enriched rice
Rice & Millet
Rice & corn
Corn & vegetable
Vegetable & rice
Lasagne sheets
Children’s Vegetable
Pasta Meals (ready meals)

Quick cook noodles
Soba noodles (100% buckwheat)

Grains & Brans Flakes:
Rice flakes

Millet flour
Potato flour
Rice flour
Rice bran
Soya flour
GF self-raising flour
GF plain flour (for baking)

Pulses & Beans:
Soya beans
Lentils – red, blue, brown
Black turtle
Adzuki Beans
Chick Peas
Kidney beans
Cannellini Beans

Seeded loaf
Fruit loaf
Potato loaf
Breakfast loaf
White loaf
Pizza bases

Muffin mix (assortment)
Chocolate mud cake mix
All purpose cake mix
Bread mix
Pancake mix (assorted)
Felafel mix
Pastry mix
Cookie mix
Biscuit mix
Cake mix (assortment)
Gravy mix
Soup Mix

Milk alternatives:
Soy milk (malt-free only)
Rice milk
Almond milk
Goat’s milk (dried)

Cookies, Biscuits & Bars:
Biscotti – lemon & poppy seed
Biscotti – classic choc
Biscotti – Amaretti
Cookies – cinnamon & sultana
Cookies – apricot & coconut
Cookies – animal-shaped, vanilla
Choc-coated wafers

Snacks eg:
Corn Chips
Organic Potato Chips
Organic Beetroot Chips
Organic Sweet Potato Chips
Mung bean chips
Chic Nuts – lightly salted
Carob & Carob snacks
Deli crackers
Baked fruit-filled bars
Chocolate, Dark, Milk (assorted)
Wallaby bars
Artisse nut bars
Bounce balls – almond, premium protein & fudgie walnut, spirullina
Mrs Mays – cran/blueberry crunch, sesame crunch, pumpkin crunch, cashew crunch

Cooking Alternatives:
Rice crumbs
Egg substitute
Gluten substitute

Condiments, Sauces & Spread:
Tomato sauce
Vegie Spread
Nut Spread (Asortment)
Sweeteners (honey, maple)

Other ideas:
Organic gluten free Baby meals
Brown Rice Miso
Dried fruits
Plain nuts
Plain seeds

NB: Supplementation available in many ranges in Gluten free and Low Allergy formulations.