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High Protein, low carb Gluten Free Bread & it tastes Great!!






 15 eggs (yes 15), ½ cup of coconut flour, ½ cup Flax meal (or another ½ cup of coconut flour), ¾ cup ghee, 1tsp baking powder, 1tsp sea salt, 1tsp black pepper & 1tsp garlic powder. About 35 Minutes at 165 C, until golden and springy.     (Thanks Solid Goodness )


Stop Press:  More new powerhouse practitioners:

 Yes, the health centre is going off, we are now getting 150 clients through every week. We have dynamic devoted professionals that show they care by delivering compassionate consultations, and show they care by delivering healthcare that works.  That’s what brings people back, and what makes them tell all their friends. But don’t worry if you haven’t been in yet – we can fit you too.  We have Chiropractic available on 4 evenings and Saturdays with the arrival of Warren, who brings enormous experience and skill set. We have Renee, a Naturopath with over 10 years experience and Malia – Aurvedic Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist (what a combination).  Read on for more on their backgrounds and skills.  And for those who didn’t know, Emily is now also offering massage and energy healing. If you are interested on a healthcare opinion from someone whose focus is away from drugs or surgery, go with the flow – call us on 4969 1965 for your appointment.


Renee Simpson  Naturopath

A Naturopath since 2002, Renee has built her successful practice around her passions.  An excellent all round practitioner. As a mother, she has a special interest in fertility, women’s health, babies and children. She looks forward to seeing you in the shop on Fridays, or in clinic on Tuesdays

Dr Warren Tse Chiropractor  

Warren Tse

      I am a passionate chiropractor.

 I want kids, parents , families, weekend warriors, athletes and professional sports people to be able to experience life to the full, be able to do things that they love, not  hold themselves back just because of an old injury. We can only do this when we are out of pain, and have a fully functioning body which can cope with the modern life’s stresses.

 Quantum neurology, a technique I use, aims for neurological rehabilitation by identifying our body’s chronic reaction patterns through our nerves, setup from injury and illness, and correcting them. This may show up in life as a weakness, reoccurring injury, chronic problem or even when you feel part of your body just isn’t right.

 “My chronic shoulder pain has gone – my life is a joy now my arthritic hands work again, even in this bitterly cold weather. I want to tell the world” Jan Brown

It’s amazing what’s possible, when the nerves affected by an injury or illness are strengthened.

            Interested? Call us on 4969 1965 for a consult or free assessment

Aqua Y Hastings

 ND Dip HM RM Dip Soc Sc (Counselling), ATMS8696 ACA7390, Naturopathy, Counselling, Energy Medicine Herbal Medicine, (Dorothy Hall trained)  Remedial & Relaxing Massage


Aqua has been helping people stay well with natural medicines for over 20 years. She has a special interest in women’s health and fertility. She finds iridology an invaluable tool to read the body and personality and coach clients to their desired health goals. Call her for appointments on 0431 557 466


Bowen Therapy with Julie

 the cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole, and also, no attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul” PLATO CHRONICLES 156e

The original Bowen Technique involves gentle, non-invasive, moves for sending intricate messages to the brain for muscle release – that might be noticed as twitching, or waves.  I have found with my journey as a Bowen Therapist, that relaxation is the foundation of healing.  I have clients that suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, epileptic seizures, intense muscle pain or emotional trauma  – that will come in for an emergency Bowen.  They leave feeling more relaxed and calm – the Bowen having taken the edge off their overwhelming energy that has become stuck, or trapped in their body, to better be able to deal with whatever is going on for them.  Call 4969 1102 to chat, or for an appointment.