Dr Warren Tse

Dr Warren Tse is a passionate chiropractor with 6 years experience in chiropractic. He has 2 daughters who he says ‘are a great joy to be with’.

Dr Warren Tse - Chiropractor
Dr Warren Tse – Chiropractor

As a dad he understands that people (especially parents) would want to be well all the time. Being busy with work, home, family and the modern lifestyle can affect your quality of life.

You want to be able to experience life to the full and not allow something to hold you back.

Chiropractic has helped many people get the best from their body. A body which can cope with the stresses of the modern lifestyle.

Its all about performance and adaptation. A normal functioning nervous system and body allows a greater connection to yourself. Thus having a greater ability to perform and adapt to your environment.

Dr Warren Tse has a special interest in athletes and sports-minded people and those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, minimise injuries, resolve old injuries & get the most out of their body.

This includes kids, parents, families, weekend warriors, athletes and professional sports people.

Dr Warren Tse uses chiropractic as part of a healthy active lifestyle and is a fan of barefoot running. He has played squash practically barefoot!

To be able to serve the people better, I have learnt various techniques to assess the nervous system of the body and choose the best combination to get maximum changes in the shortest amount of time. One of the tools is Quantum Neurology.

What Is Quantum Neurology?

Quantum Neurology is a system of neurological rehabilitation that focuses on using non-invasive methods of healing the nervous system. When a person suffers from an injury, illness or condition the nervous system reacts by creating neurological weaknesses throughout the body. This is a reaction pattern of weaknesses. Every person’s reaction pattern is unique. That is to say that if two people stepped on the same nail, each person would create a different and unique reaction pattern within their body. In quantum neurology we identify the nerves affected when a patient has an injury, illness or condition, and we use corrective techniques and light therapy to strengthen the affected nerves. It has been our experience that when the nerves affected by an injury, illness or condition are strengthened the body heals itself.

This may show up in life as a weakness, reoccurring injury, chronic problem or even when you feel parts of your body don’t feel right.

A simple analogy is opening programs on your computer. What happens on the screen when you open many programs? You notice the response time of your computer slows down! It requires a lot more effort to process the simple information and if too many programs are open, you know what happens. Your computer hangs and you have to reboot the system. This is what happens in the modern lifestyle, your brain has to process lots of information (physical, mental/emotional and chemical stress) and the body starts to function less than 100% because it can’t cope. This is usually not obvious because the brain is very smart and starts to compensate for this. However, after a period of time, the body shows signs and symptoms because it can’t compensate any longer. Quantum neurology is a tool to analyze your nervous system’s function to find out if its working at 100% and also provide corrective techniques to rehabilitate the nerves back to 100%. This will then allow you to function and cope with your lifestyle and more! It’s like your computer freezing when opening 2 programs versus able to handle 10 programs with ease.

He looks forward to helping you express yourself fully, too!

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To make an appointment with Dr Warren, call the clinic on 02 49691965 or clinic@vitalityj.com.au