Elise Tomkins – Doula

Elise Tomkins
Elise Tomkins

Elise Tomkins is a qualified Bowen Therapist and Wholistic Doula.
Elise is a positive and bubbly young woman who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and has a passion for supporting people to feel empowered in their life’s journey.
Elise is available at Vitality Junction every Saturday.

To make an enquiry or book an appointment please call Elise directly on 0401535333.

What is a Doula?
A Doula (doo-lah) provides individualised care for families during their pregnancy, birth and post natal journey. This includes emotional, physical, educational and practical support.

How can a Doula support my family?
Elise facilitates a safe space where families can navigate their way through their birth preferences, fears and much more so they can feel relaxed, strong and prepared before and during the time their new arrival/s enter the world.

For more information on what is included in a doula support package please visit Elise’s website Balance ServicesBalanceServicesHow Elise views her role as Doula
Elise believes her role as a Doula is to walk along side a family’s journey in a very nurturing, supportive and understanding way, with the awareness that a woman’s body has the divine wisdom to birth and that her role is to witness the magic, and most importantly create a warm, loving safe, space for the family to welcome their new member/s.

In a practical sense Elise see’s that her position in a family’s birth space is to assist the family based on their individual needs and be encouraging and reassuring of the decision’s they choose for their special time without being intrusive in any way.

During the birth, Elise is able to bring a sense of a calm to the environment and help the family in the ways in which they have specified is right for them.

Postnatal visits are a time to check in with the family and talk through the experience of the birth, reflecting on how everyone felt about the labour and birth process.

Please call Elise on 0401535333 to arrange a time to meet for a no obligation free initial meeting to discuss your family’s individual needs and work with you to design a package that caters to the support you and your family are looking for.

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