Aqua Hastings Massage

Aqua Hastings has worked in the natural therapy profession for many years.

She is a qualified naturopath, herbalist, massage therapist and counselor, and has worked in integrative medical centres, health retreats, pharmacies, and private practice. She also teaches complementary health and health sociology at tertiary level.

Aqua loves her massage work. She particularly likes helping those who experience pain from injury, arthritis, or illness, and those who are overweight. Massage can also be very beneficial for those experiencing anxiety, grief, depression and mental health issues. She offers a seniors special of 45 minutes for $60 when 3 or more massages are booked within a 3-month period.

Talk therapy (counseling) with naturopath adjunctive treatment helps people feel better!

Life has stress and at times we need help to clarify our options. Aqua uses strengths-based and solution-focused techniques to help clients towards a desirable outcome. She also uses stress management techniques to reduce the effects of stress.

Bookings can be made directly on 0431 557 466 or 4969 1102.

Health fund rebates apply (except NIB)

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Massage Counselling Naturopathy
$90 – 1hour $70 – 1hour $90 – 1hour
$55 – half hour
$120 – 1 and half hours
$60 – 45min seniors special