Vital Babies and Resus-a-Bub 2016

Vital Babies and Resus-A-Bub are back at Vitality Junction and we have released the dates and the tickets for each workshop.

Vital Babies

This year we are running things a little differently. There will only be 4 workshops over the course of the year and will run over 5 weeks. – The first 4 weeks being Vital Babies and the 5th Week is Resus-A-Bub. Having Resus-a-Bub follow 4 weeks of Vital Babies makes sense as it is a natural flow and progression that first our new mums learn how to care for their new babies as they reach new developmental stages, then secondly they learn how to save their baby if the unthinkable happens as they navigate through the curious mouthing and teething stages and solid food stages of their development.

Vital Babies runs over 4 weeks (Wednesdays 10:30am – 12pm) is aimed at babies from birth to 6 months. It is a relaxed group of new mums and their babies connecting and sharing this new life experience with the support of four inspirational health professionals (and mums) over a cuppa.Little Newborn Baby Sleeping on White Background

During the 4 weeks we cover:

How developmental stages have a direct impact upon physical and intellectual development.

How sleep patterns and daily routine help your baby’s body and brain to grow and develop to their fullest.

How the right activity and stimulation helps maintain your baby’s health and well-being.

How it is important to nurture and support yourself during this exciting time.

The first Vital Babies starts on Wednesday 17th February and runs for 4 weeks, cost is $60 and Resus-A-Bub runs on Wednesday 16th March and cost is $35.

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